How to use Pinterest for business and grow in 2021?

How to use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest is a great source where you can find exciting products, share your work teach something,

learn something and has been growing very rapidly in recent years.

Visuals are what make people addicted to Pinterest, eye-catching pins great visuals attract users.

It has also helped 90% of Pinterest users in making their purchases decision.

So how can Pinterest help your business to grow or your blog it will not

only increase your business but also build your brand.

Let me guide you to get started with Pinterest with opening a Pinterest business account


Pinterest is a visual search engine with over 250 million monthly users

where people love to share images,

pin their images collect their work in a board(collections of pins) every

pin is actionable pin directing it to the URL or their websites.

Businesses and bloggers have taken much advantage to grow and make it visible to the digital age, although 80% of Pinterest users are women already benefitting with their work like cooking, fashion, and teaching.

It is of no surprise that Pinterest will outreach social media giants like twitter, facebook, Instagram and snap chat as seen on the recent trends.

  • It generates Sales
  • 2/3 of users are women
  • It builds businesses


So first you have to make a Pinterest account if you don’t have one or switch your existing Pinterest account to a Pinterest business account.

It’s easy to set up

Accounts basics


The pin is an Image which is shared or Saved to Pinterest

Rich pins

The rich pin is a pin with some more details of the Image on its description esp Link of a product


Board is a collection of pins that pinners collect with a specific niche to keep the person engaged

Create a Pinterest business account

If you are just starting out or a new blogger it is quite easy to learn and get into the business

Business account

To Open a Pinterest business account Go to the Pinterest business page and click on the get a Business Account

How to Set up business account?

Here you have to fill in all the required fields don’t miss-out anything Your e-mail, Password, Business name, Profession and your website


How to set a pinterest business account

Now you have to fill in the details which suit your brand your display name, user name about your profile,

here is the thing use the relevant keyword and put SEO optimized description this is important because Pinterest will recommend it in their feed or you won’t be seen

Search engine optimization – (SEO)

Keyword-rich and actionable descriptions, Pins

Make your pins more attractive tell a story

pinterest keyword optimization

Claim your website

Claim your website pinterest business account

Claiming your website will unlock great Pinterest business features like Overview, Audience Insight, and Ads.

Yes you can run ads to promote your pins and reach millions of potential customers


Create Board pinterest business account

Creating a board for a specific topic or which you want to promote is a good method to keep your pins organized.

Fill out the description of your board and its category you can select from the dropdown do not fill with any other except relevant content which describes your board

Start promoting your business

Start promoting your business

Now you ready with your Pinterest business account but before you get into this make sure to go through it all and check everything is perfectly optimized.

Work smart you can get the Pinterest browser button which will enable you to save pins from around the web with just the click of a button

Buyable pins

Promote your buyable pins

Create multiple pins so that you can reach out and make them much more visible to the users

Use rich pins as I have mentioned earlier rich pins are pins with more descriptions directing it to their URL or their website

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