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Merit America remote jobs is a non-profit organization that creates fast, flexible career opportunities | Hiring now

Merit America: Remote Jobs

Merit America is a platform that provides extensive career-supportive programs to upgrade your career.

The company provides very succinct and flexible learning programs that enable you to join the workforce.

In the U.S. workforce, 1/3rd of its total working class can hardly fit in the job market due to a lack of skills.

So, merit America has come up with something unique in-class coaching and training of in-demand courses to scale.

You can level up with the flexible career programs in Java development, Data Analytics, and IT.

The duo leaders in education policy are founders of Merit America namely Rebecca Taber and Connor Dieman-Yauman.

The Fast Company is also recognized as one of the most innovative companies covered by the New York Times.

Merit America: Remote Jobs

Merit America provides learning opportunities that are family-centered for Americans without any degree programs (4-year degrees).

It prepares fellow learners to dig deep into in-demand coaching & training that enable you for entry-level jobs.

You as a beginner can find jobs in Java development, IT, data analytics, success manager, and career coach.

The Merit also identifies jobs that are popular in the marketplace and that are a good fit for job seekers and provides proper 12 weeks of training to help learners get the Job.

As of now, there are few remote careers available on merit America that allow you to work from home.

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Merit America: Entry-level remote jobs

The company is looking for

  1. If you have cognizant of skills such as cover letter writing, interview, communication, and resume including previous experience with counseling, tutoring, coaching, and education this if for you.
  1. Merit America is looking for someone with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  2. An applicant with a growth mindset
  3. Able to provide personalized support to meet individual learner needs
  4. A person with the ability to understand and work with people with different backgrounds and to work with neglected populations.
  5. If you are ready to work and run independently in different scenarios in rapidly changing environments.
  6. One who has top-class operational & organization skills with the ability to manage to own schedule and handle demands.

Merit America-Salary

 The salary of a merit American worker ranges from $17,565/year for a site director to $139,000/year for a director of growth.

Other is $127,000/year for senior data analyst, $67,500/year for Job success specialist, and $65,000/year for program success specialist.

In addition, the average hourly wages of Merit America range from 13.07/hr to $40.42/hr for entry-level and Java developers respectively.

Merit America-How to apply

To apply for the open positions or any positions in the future you may visit its official website.

You must include a relevant cover letter along with the application you will submit for a particular role.

The positions are open for U.S. residents only that states that you are legally authorized to work in the United States.

Only a selected few candidates who are perfect for the role will be responded to as there is a high number of applications for each role. 

What to expect in our process:  

  1. You can submit a resume for the prescribed role.
  2. Phone Interviews or Video interviews with the team managers, in some cases the CEO and other professionals.
  1. Simulation exercise & work samples
  2. 60-minute video interview with members of our Brand & its team
  3. 30-60 minutes call interview with other team members.
  1. Reference checks (we will not check references until we are ready to move forward)
  2. Offer

How to find entry-level jobs in Merit America?

Its groundbreaking program is designed for adults to start careers in Java Development, Data analytics, and IT Support.

IT Support is all about teaching people the benefits and uses of technology, networks, phone systems, and computers.

The support system revolves around setting up new users, looking at a computer systems and other troubleshooting problems.

Companies nowadays use technology and often need IT assistance when required so, these skills are in demand.

If this interests you like helping people & companies in solving the day-to-day issues with tech this is for you.

You will have industry-level credentials in 14 weeks and you don’t have to quit your Job.

Pay $0 upfront and only pay after you’re earning $40,000 or more.

Java development is another high-level skill that allows you to get into the thriving technology industry.

It is a process of creating things that consist of informational websites, interactive web designs, and mobile applications.

You as a Java developer will guide and instruct on designs, adding applications, and testing and debugging the code.

Often these skills are required in different industries and if you are ready to work long hours Java developer is for you.

You can be an expert in Java and its application in 21 weeks and pay only when you are hired.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is useful information that is derived from information & data that is useful for businesses.

Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies are among the beneficiaries of data at different levels to scale up.

The specialists are experts in querying a company’s database identifying useful data and deriving useful knowledge for business.

If you like working with numbers and trends and taking out the best possible results this is for you.

You with 16 weeks of training would be able to crack entry-level data analytics jobs.

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Is merit America a good company to work for?

Merit America has some expert professionals that are assigned to train and teach the students.

After you finish their program you will have the opportunity to find jobs in your respective fields and grow with your skills.

Is merit America a good program?

The merit America program is yet not accredited but, several graduates are calling for it and companies are backing it.

Hence, you have the chance to mention it on your resume so, that people and businesses and know what you are capable of.

What is the merit America program?

It is a non-profit that offers 14, 16, and 30-week, part-time bootcamps in IT Support, Java Development, and Data Analytics across the United States.

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